Industrial mechanic

Tasks and activities:

Industrial mechanics work in production and maintenance. Depending on the field, they use manufacturing documents to build components into assemblies and these assemblies into machines, to devices or onto axles. They work on components with machines, by hand or create them themselves. Industrial mechanics produce workpieces on CNC machines and interlinked production systems.

Training content:

  • Metal basic training
  • Control technology
  • CNC technology
  • Connection technology
  • Quality assurance
  • Work in occupational training departments

Vocational school:

12 weeks of block school per year


  • Secondary modern school qualification or secondary school leaving certificate
  • Technical understanding
  • Mathematics skills
  • Spatial abilities
  • Manual dexterity
  • Verbal skills
  • Good IT and English skills
  • Dedication, the ability to work in a team, desire to learn


3.5 years



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