Sustainability is a key element of our corporate philosophy. As part of our self-image as a corporate citizen, we assume social responsibility. This includes a responsible approach to our employees, the environment and society in general.

The basis of our sustainable corporate action is always our overriding corporate objective: SAF-HOLLAND’s objective is to be the most highly regarded supplier of best-in-class components, systems and services that ensure the success of our global fleet customers. We pursue this objective whilst considering our seven corporate values: innovation, cost consciousness, reliability, respect, teamwork, communication and honesty.

Our innovative product portfolio, which is designed for weight savings, clearly reflects our awareness of sustainability. As a result of their lightweight construction, our products, such as our trailer axle systems, make a significant contribution towards reducing CO2 and pollutants by reducing the weight of the trailer and positively influencing the fuel consumption of tractors. This then leads to a reduction of fuel consumption and CO2 and pollutant emissions.

We abide by our corporate values and will increasingly investigate how we can make a greater contribution to sustainable corporate action. In doing so, we will examine all aspects of our company in terms of a responsible approach to employees, the environment and society in general, and utilize any opportunities which arise. 


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Sustainability Report 2023