Corporate Financing

Sustainable growth, entry of new markets and the development of new products are just a few of the topics that are important to SAF-HOLLAND. SAF-HOLLAND makes use of diverse financing sources. You can find an overview of the most recent corporate financing measures here. With the issuing of a promissory note loan, SAF-HOLLAND has also successfully tapped into the promissory note loan market. 



  • Capital increase to 41.2 million shares (from 20.7 million)



  • Capital increase to 45.4 million shares (from 41.2 million)
  • Placement of a corporate bond with an emission volume of EUR 75 million, maturity in April 2018 and a coupon of 7.00% p.a. with annual payment


  • Placement of a convertible bond with an emission volume of EUR 100.2 million, maturity in September 2020 and a coupon of 1.00% p.a. with semi-annual payment and a conversion bonus of 20% 



  • Placement of a promissory note loan with an emission volume of EUR 200 million, maturity of EUR 140 million in November 2020, EUR 17 million in November 2022 and EUR 43 million in November 2025  



  • Placement of a promissory note loan with an emission volume of EUR 250 million. Because of the high demand and the resulting over-subscription, the final amount exceeded the target volume of EUR 100 million by EUR 150 million. The issue will contribute to smoothing out the maturity profile and will widen the investor base of the SAF-HOLLAND Group.

Current Financing Structure

Revolving Credit lines 
EUR 200 million

(Due 10/2024 with option for additional EUR 100 million)

Promissory note loan
EUR 264 million

(EUR 5 million due 11/2022, EUR 141 million due 03/2023, EUR 20 million due 09/2023, EUR 69 million due 03/2025, EUR 9 million due 10/2025, EUR 15 million due 03/2027, EUR 5 million due 03/2030)

Non-current loan
EUR 45 million

(EUR 10 million due 03/2026, EUR 35 million due 06/2026)


As of September 21, 2021