Lighter axle systems reduce burden on the environment and enterprises

Innovations presented: New products reduce a trailer's weight by 96
kilograms - diesel consumption and CO2 emissions decrease

Luxembourg, August 11, 2010 - There is a simple equation for commercial
vehicles: less weight means higher payloads and lower fuel consumption. For
this reason, the market increasingly demands weight reductions, an ever
growing challenge for suppliers. SAF-HOLLAND, one of the world's leading
manufacturers and providers of premium systems and components for
commercial vehicles (trucks and trailers), has introduced new products
which reduce the burden on the environment and enterprises. The use of a
new disc brake and a new wheel head reduces a three-axle standard trailer's
weight by 96 kilograms - the vehicle consumes less fuel and the company
saves money while reducing CO2 emissions.

According to Detlef Borghardt, member of the Management Board and Head of
the Trailer Systems Business Unit, 'Fleet operators and freight forwarders
are increasingly paying attention to the energy efficiency of trailers.
Weight reduction is particularly important, because lower weight for trucks
and trailers leads to lower fuel consumption and thus contributes to cost
efficiency and environmental compatibility. SAF-HOLLAND therefore
continuously strives to improve the efficiency of its products. The newly
presented components - disc brake and wheel head - are only the beginning.
Other innovations will follow.'

The new, lighter trailer disc brake was developed in cooperation with the
brake manufacturer Haldex. Compared to conventional systems, it is 12
kilograms lighter per axle. Production is expected to start in the second
quarter of 2011. SAF-HOLLAND has exclusive rights to market the new Haldex
disc brake in Europe through the end of 2011. With a wheel head which has
also been newly developed the weight of a trailer's axle drops by another
20 kilograms. Thus, a total of 96 kilograms can be saved for a three-axle
trailer. Together with aluminum wheel rims, up to 204 kilograms of weight
reduction is possible. Further savings can be achieved by using an aluminum
fifth wheel.

Savings volumes of diesel and CO2
Use of lighter components is particularly beneficial for fuel tankers and
silo trucks. The vehicle's cargo load increases - the forwarder can
transport more per trip. Purchasing costs can be amortized within two
years. Assuming 50,000 vehicles on European roads reduced their weight by
204 kilograms each, annual savings of 7.2 million liters of diesel and 18.8
million kilograms of CO2 would be possible.

Company Profile:
With approximately EUR 420 million in sales and over 2,000 employees,
SAF-HOLLAND S.A. is one of the world's leading manufacturers and suppliers
of premium product systems and components primarily for trailers as well as
trucks, buses and recreational vehicles. The product range encompasses axle
and suspension systems, fifth wheels, coupling devices, kingpins, and
landing legs. SAF-HOLLAND customers include the majority of large truck and
trailer producers all over the world. The products are sold to Original
Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Original Equipment Suppliers (OESs) by
means of a global service and distribution network and via aftermarket
channels directly to the end users and service garages. SAF-HOLLAND has
therefore established itself as one of the few manufacturers in its sector
that is internationally positioned with an extensive product range and a
broad service network. SAF-HOLLAND S.A. has been listed in the Prime
Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange since July 2007.

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