Strong start in the first quarter of 2015

* Group sales increases by more than 15% to EUR 271.0 million
* Adjusted EBIT grows by a disproportionately high 32%
* Growth strategy 2020: Megatrends drive demand

Luxembourg, May 13, 2015 - SAF-HOLLAND got off to a successful start in the
financial year 2015. The globally-active commercial vehicle industry
supplier increased Group sales in the first quarter of 2015 by 15.2% to EUR
271.0 million (previous year: EUR 235.3 million). In addition to the solid
organic growth in all business segments, the stronger US dollar had a
noticeably positive impact on sales development. The North American
business was the major contributor to the sales growth of EUR 35.7 million.
Significantly increased sales contributions were also received from
countries outside of SAF-HOLLAND's core markets, primarily Mexico and
China. In these regions, sales were up by a total of 47.2% to EUR 28.7
million (previous year: EUR 19.5 million). Detlef Borghardt, CEO of
SAF-HOLLAND: "Business development in the first three months establishes a
sound foundation for the full year. We are well-positioned to take
advantage of solid demand in the established commercial vehicles markets as
well as in emerging countries."

Adjusted EBIT increased in the first quarter of 2015 at a much higher rate
than sales, growing by 32.2% to EUR 22.6 million (previous year: EUR 17.1
million). The adjusted EBIT margin thus increased to 8.3 % (previous year:
7.3%). Positive currency exchange effects from the valuation of
intercompany loans as well as lower financing costs contributed to a
significant improvement in the financial result to EUR 6.6 million
(previous year: EUR -3.3 million). This means that there was an increase
in earnings before taxes to EUR 27.2 million (previous year: EUR 12.0
million). The result for the period also more than doubled in the first
quarter of 2015, reaching EUR 18.1 million (previous year: EUR 8.3
million). Undiluted earnings per share improved to EUR 0.40 (previous year:
EUR 0.18) with an unchanged number of shares of 45.4 million, or diluted at
EUR 0.34 (previous year: EUR 0.18) under consideration of the increased
number of shares resulting from the convertible bonds issued in 2014.

High capacity utilization in core markets and boost in growth in emerging
In Europe, SAF-HOLLAND's sales of EUR 131.3 million were at the level of
the prior year (previous year: EUR 132.8 million). For the most part, this
was the result of the generally difficult market environment in Russia,
where the commercial vehicles market shrank by about a third in the
reporting period. Overall, SAF-HOLLAND was able to compensate for this
effect with the upward-moving demand in Western Europe.

In the second core market of North America, SAF-HOLLAND increased sales by
33.7% to EUR 111.0 million (previous year: EUR 83.0 million). The strong
increase was positively influenced by the euro-dollar exchange rate. Yet,
also organically, sales generated in this region recorded double-digit
growth by 10.0% reaching EUR 91.3 million.

The highest percentage sales growth was accounted for by the emerging
markets: sales there increased by 47.2% to a total of EUR 28.7 million
(previous year: EUR 19.5 million). The Group thus generated 10.6% of sales
(previous year: 8.3%) outside of the traditional core markets of Europe and
North America.

Increased sales and earnings in all business segments
The biggest contribution to Group sales was provided once again by the
Trailer Systems Business Unit, which expanded sales in the first quarter of
2015 by 13.3% to EUR 159.6 million (previous year: EUR 140.9 million). On
the earnings side, in addition to increased sales, the successfully
implemented measures to increase profitability in the Trailer Systems
Business Unit had a significant impact. The business segment's adjusted
EBIT increased to EUR 9.3 million (previous year: EUR 5.4 million) and the
adjusted EBIT margin improved to 5.8% (previous year: 3.9%). The Powered
Vehicle Systems Business Unit increased sales by 24.1% to EUR 45.3 million
(previous year: EUR 36.5 million). Key drivers were the significantly
increased demand in North America as well as positive currency translation
effects. In Europe, the business unit benefited from the improved market
environment and an expanded export business. The business unit's adjusted
EBIT thus increased to EUR 3.0 million (previous year: EUR 2.1 million)
with an adjusted EBIT margin of 6.6% (previous year: 5.7%).

In the Aftermarket Business Unit, sales increased by 14.2% to EUR 66.1
million (previous year: EUR 57.9 million). Adjusted EBIT climbed to EUR
10.3 million (previous year: EUR 9.6 million). The adjusted EBIT margin
improved sequentially, reaching 15.6% (previous year: 16.6 %). The
business segment moved forward with the expansion of its global market
position in the reporting quarter. In this context, the considerably
expanded space of the Parts Distribution Center in Dubai began operations
in February 2015. In North America, the expansion of the sales force and
the introduction of the complementary spare parts brand "GoldLine" were

Growth strategy 2020: benefiting from the megatrends
Within the scope of the publication of quarterly figures, SAF-HOLLAND
presented the Group's growth strategy for the coming years. It positions
SAF-HOLLAND for the medium and long-term future, puts the Group's
profitable growth on an even broader basis and provides additional
expansion momentum.

The strategy takes advantage of global megatrends. CEO Detlef Borghardt
stated: "Global demographic development and the upswing in emerging markets
are determinants that will shape our global market over the long term and
offering substantial growth potential for our business. In this context,
the increasingly expanding middle class in emerging regions is particularly
important. Their simultaneously expanding buying power is driving
consumption and, thus, the exchange of goods and the transport volume on
the roads. This ensures dynamic market growth."

With its medium and long-term goal setting, SAF-HOLLAND, on the basis of
its core competences, is concentrating on attractive growth areas which
offer a disproportionately high sales potential. These include areas of
activity in which the company is partially already involved in and which
can provide above average growth by intensifying the market penetration,
gaining further market share as well as the introduction of new products.
The technological focus is on the expansion of the business with axle and
suspension systems for trailers, trucks and buses.

In North America and Europe, on the basis of the strong position in
original equipment, the activities in the aftermarket business in
particular will be strengthened further.

On the other hand, the activities in all product groups outside the core
markets of North America and Europe will be systematically expanded and
extended to other geographical sales areas.

Buoyed by the sustainable impact of the megatrends, about 30% of Group
sales will be achieved outside of today's core markets of North America and
Europe by 2020. For 2020, the company is targeting an overall sales
increase to EUR 1.250 to EUR 1.500 billion. About half of the planned sales
increase will be accounted for by organic growth. In addition,
complementary cooperations and acquisitions which support the growth
strategy outside the core markets will contribute to Group sales.
SAF-HOLLAND thus plans to grow at a greater rate than the market and to
achieve an average annual sales growth of 4 to 7%. The adjusted EBIT margin
in 2020 is projected to reach at least 8%. In terms of earnings per share,
SAF-HOLLAND expects for 2020 an increase of about 75% as compared to 2014.
The increased number of shares through conversion rights from the
convertible bonds issued in 2014 has already been taken into account here.

Outlook: Further increase in sales and earnings for the full year 2015
SAF-HOLLAND assumes that the overall positive business development will
continue over the course of the year, despite weakness in a number of
markets such as Russia and Brazil. Accordingly, the company continues to
target Group sales of between EUR 980 million and EUR 1.035 billion for
2015. Adjusted EBIT in the current financial year is expected to continue
to grow at a rate higher than sales and reach about EUR 90 million. The
adjusted EBIT margin is thus expected to come in within the scope of the
original goal setting of between 9 and 10%, though it will likely be at the
lower end of the scale. In terms of earnings per share, even without
positive currency exchange effects, management plans an increase of about
30% as compared to 2014 under full consideration of the increased number of
shares due to the convertible bonds issued in 2014.

EBIT was adjusted for the following items that are not originally
attributable to the operating business: amortization from the purchase
price allocation and impairment reversals on goodwill and intangible assets
from the impairment tests as well as restructuring and integration costs.
The key figures chart included in the press release can be accessed at

Company Profile:
With sales of approximately EUR 960 million in 2014 and more than 3,000
employees, SAF-HOLLAND S.A. is one of the world's leading manufacturers and
suppliers of premium product systems and components primarily for trailers
as well as trucks, buses and recreational vehicles. The product range
encompasses trailer axle systems and suspension systems, coupling devices,
kingpins, and landing legs among other things. SAF-HOLLAND sells its
products on six continents to Original Equipment Manufacturers ("OEM") in
the replacement parts market and, in the aftermarket business, to the OEM's
Original Equipment Suppliers ("OES"), as well as by means of a global
service and distribution network. SAF-HOLLAND also sells its products to
end users and service centers using this network. SAF-HOLLAND has
established itself as one of the few manufacturers in its sector that is
internationally positioned with an extensive product range and a broad
service network. SAF-HOLLAND S.A. is listed in the Prime Standard of the
Frankfurt Stock Exchange and is among the stocks in the SDAX (ISIN:

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