Report compliance incidents

SAF-HOLLAND is very aware of its compliance responsibility.

Integrity and compliance with the law are essential elements for reliable, ethical and sustainable corporate governance at the SAF-HOLLAND Group. In our global business activities, we acknowledge our social responsibilities and are committed to compliance with the law, respect for human rights and acting with integrity, both within the company and throughout our supply chain.

Regulatory compliance is important to us in order to protect our company, our employees and our business partners from possible harm.

The SAF-HOLLAND Group thus endeavours to identify, investigate and prevent possible infringements at an early stage.

For this we are dependent on your support. You can contact us through various channels, anonymously if you wish, to report unlawful conduct or a compliance breach.

For more details on the different reporting channels and the process, please refer to our procedural standards.

Click here to access our electronic whistleblowing system