Report compliance incidents

SAF-HOLLAND is very aware of its compliance responsibilities.

In addition to following the law, we define compliance as a trusting, reliable and sustainable corporate governance based on ethical values.

We want to act compliant and protect our company as well as our employees and business partners from any damage.

SAF-HOLLAND´s goal is to identify, clarify and counteract any violations as early as possible.

To reach these objectives, we will need your help. You have the possibility - if desired also anonymously - to contact us and to report possible compliance violations using various channels.

These possible compliance violations include in particular:

  • anticompetitive violations
  • corruption
  • financial crimes, e.g. fraud, theft, embezzlement
  • work safety, health protection
  • data protection
  • discrimination, harassment
  • insider dealings

Apart from that, further incidents can also be reported under the category "Other".


Ways to report incidents:

1) To your supervisor

In line with our corporate culture and SAF-HOLLAND values, we encourage you to speak up: openly and honestly, regardless of the hierarchy level. Primarily, your supervisor would be you first option as a contact person. 

If you are not a SAF-HOLLAND employee, please contact your business partner at SAF-HOLLAND.

2) To the SAF-HOLLAND Compliance team

SAF-HOLLAND understands that situations can arise in which you do not want to contact your supervisor or business partner. 

In this case, you are welcome to contact our Compliance Team alternatively:

Compliance Team
Hauptstraße 26
63856 Bessenbach

Of course, you may also address the employees of the Compliance team directly and report the incident. The Compliance team treats every single case trustfully and discreetly.

3) Using the electronical whistleblower tool

With the compliance whistleblower system, SAF-HOLLAND gives not only employees, but also external persons such as customers, suppliers and partners the opportunity to transmit information on compliance violations securely.

By clicking on the following link, you will immediately reach an external whistleblowing system where you can submit your report - if desired also anonymously - and get in touch with SAF-HOLLAND (at first mainly with the Compliance team).

The Compliance team can retrieve the information you entered and further handle it in a Case Management.

As an (anonymous) whistleblower, you have the option to access the system again. Thereby, you can view your data and continue to communicate with the Compliance Team without indicating your personal email address.

In order to allow you access later on, the system automatically generates login data. A change of the initial password is possible after your first login.

Click here to reach our electronic internet based whistleblower system